Finding Kolya Part II
April 19, 2017

Now that Kolya has made it to Germany  we decided to give him a thorough check-up by some German specialists. Not that we don’t trust the russian technicians, but we all know that Germany do things how they are supposed to be done and don’t take any shortcuts.

We brought Kolya to the Allradscheune in Trebbin a small town about 25km outside of Berlin.

The guys know how to build 4×4 cars and they agreed to give our car a full check and also recommended a set of new off road tyres. As we usually use to have at least one flat tyre per vacation we agreed on that. They have a good reputation for assembling real off road machines from old US vehicles

There are at least 25-30 of different Jeeps in all kinds of off road configuration and ready to get dirty.

After some days I picked up Kolya with his new tyres. We went for the Grabber AT3 which is 50% onroad and 50% off road. This should be about the right mix for us. Fortunately they did not find any issues with the engine or transmission. So Kolya is good to go as far as the drive components are concerned.

They also have some russian cars as Volgas and Nivas as well, but although they might be reliable and easy to fix they are just not comfortable enough to drive 25.000km.

The only things missing now for Kolya are the bed and the sponsors logos. This will be the final preparation of the car in the next days. Stay tuned.

Written by Dima


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