On our way to Lisbon
May 13, 2017

After 6 days we arrived in Lisbon in line with our schedule. The very first stop we made was in Leipzig in Germany to say goodbye to our friends from Paneurasia. They wished us a safe trip, put a their logo as a sticker on Kolya´s backdoor and we made a final picture. Quickly after that we left cold and rainy Germany.

We decided to go quickly through France as well as it was mostly raining during our drive. Just a quick sleepover stop and a tasty croissant for breakfast in Orleans and off we were again. We spent so much money on toll in France and we finally looking forward to get some sunshine in Spain.

First city for a longer stopover was San Sebastian in northern Spain. It welcomed us with lots of sun, tapas and a nice view. I missed Spain a lot.

As we always wanted to visit the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao we planned a stop there as well. A very nice museum in a fantastic building waited for us there, but modern art is too modern sometimes. Especially for someone like Dima who grew up with traditional Russian art from the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. We are still not sure if we liked the exponents inside or rather not.

And yeahhhh Gijón we did not want to miss. This beautiful place on earth I left 10 years ago after having spent 1 year of my „studies“ here. Quickly we visited all the spots which are still close to my heart: The elgio – eye of the ocean, where you clearly hear the sound of the water if you stand inside; the very sad sculpture of the “madre de los emigrantes”, crying for her sons who are leaving spain forever; the very tasty tapas bars full of people drinking fresh cidre (apple wine), the gin tonic bars of course with many many good gins and of course the long beach and the promenade.

On our way to Ribeira, which is at the Western Coast of Spain, we made a stop at the most beautiful beach on earth – Playa de Bayas: no people around, wide coastline and so windy. A dream of mother nature. Kolya liked it as well.

At a campsite in Ribeira we tried our rooftent for the first time and had a good night sleep. Waking up with the ocean waves is something we were looking forward to for a long time.

Two days in Porto, before we head to Lisbon. The vibes are just great, although the weather is not the best. Why should one expect sun in Portugal? In two days we were walking through the city, playing around with out foto equipment, joining a port wine tour and tasting and tried the Bacalhau, a typical portuguese fish. All in all just relaxing.

After five days we finally arrived in Lisbon. Until now we could not imagine our trip further than this. My question to Dima on our first day on the road: „Will we arrive soon?“ was answered by him with a short „No, only in 4 months.“ So far we just had the feeling that we will go back to Berlin after a long weekend break. The magnitude of our tour is still not present in our heads. If somebody asked us during the last days where we are going, we said „Lisbon“. Probably no one here even knows where Vladivostok actually is. This will change from now on, but first we will check out Lisbon.

Written by Jana


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  1. you look very happy – thanks for sharing all your impressions with words and photos. Enjoy, have fun, take good care and see you soon.